Two sides of the “C” tale.

Welcome back Kylie!

It’s great to see her back, picking up the tour in Oz. I was there last year when she was diagnosed. It was literally a few days before she was due to perform. I saw a little of the concert footage and although she seemed to be taking things a little easy (as to be expected), I have to say she is looking utterly fantastic. If anything, healthier than she did before the diagnosis. Bono joined her on stage the following night for a duet, as U2 are touring Oz as well at the moment. Here’s a little taste…

Goodbye Belinda:

Former Home & Away star and wife of TV personality Rove McManus, Belinda Emmett lost her 8 year battle with cancer over the weekend. She was just 32 years old. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer at just 24! It seemed as though she beat it and was given the all clear in the late 90’s, but by 2001 the cancer had returned. This time to her spine. She was acting again and was in the Channel 7 hospital drama All Saints and had to put a halt to her acting career once again. I saw her on the TV last year at the Logie awards and she looked very frail then. I can’t believe she battled on for another 18 months.  She must have had an amazing fighting spirit.

R.I.P. Belinda

What Cancer Cannot Do:

It cannot take souls
It cannot take spirits
It cannot stop laughter
It cannot remove smiles
It cannot stop fun
It cannot remove warmth
It cannot stop love