When *IS* the right time?


I’ve just been reading an article on the BBC News web site about the argument for lowering the legal limit at which you can have an abortion from 24 weeks to 20 weeks. The Health Minister Dawn Primarolo argues that there is insufficient scientific evidence for lowering the limit on the basis that extremely premature babies have not increased their survival rates in recent years.

Surely that is not the point. Isn’t the point that at 24 weeks most medical professionals will do all they can to help a premature baby live? And if that’s the case, surely then at 24 weeks the medical profession believe that child to be at a more established human development?

Ms Primarolo also provided statistics which reveal that the vitality of babies born at 21 weeks is 0%, whilst the vitality of babies born at 23 weeks is 11%. Well what about the babies born at 24 weeks? It must be a higher figure? She also says that 89% of abortions take place before 13 weeks. So based on those figures why would you not feel compelled to lower the legal limit to 20 weeks, or even 21 weeks?

This seems ridiculous to me. In this day and age, women can know that they have conceived just DAYS after conception. Medical complications in pregnancies are detected earlier and earlier. I for one see no valid justification in keeping the legal limit at 24 weeks. That is almost 6 months into a pregnancy. It’s far too late.

I think somewhere like Western Australia have the right approach to abortion. The legal limit is set at 20 weeks. Abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy may only be performed if the foetus is likely to be born with severe medical problems – which must be confirmed by two independently appointed doctors.

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Photo supplied by Leo Reynolds under creative commons (some rights reserved).

Attack Of The Killer Ladybirds!


I was just reading a story on the BBC News web site about ladybirds (700,000 of the little blighters) being sent into Manhattan on attack to kill aphids. Well I don’t want to disappoint the recipients involved in this deployment but after watching The Nature of Britain last Wednesday night, it would appear the ladybird is not the lean (well, they are not exactly “lean” anyway), mean, aphid killing machine as initially suggested. From the depiction given on the television the other night the ladybirds usually just walk past aphids and it’s only them clumsily walking over them forcing the aphids to fall off plants and get caught in spider webs do the ladybirds actually help combat aphids.

Let’s hope it works out for the people involved. Go ladybirds!!

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Crippen Innocent of Murder?

I have just been reading a story on the BBC of how DNA testing on the relatives of Cora Crippen has shown that the decapitated body found under the house of Dr Hawley Crippen could not have been that of his wife. It’s amazing how there still is interest in this story nearly 100 years on.

This latest twist seems to still pose more questions than it answers. If the body was not that of Mrs Crippen then who’s was it? Was it still a murder that Dr Crippen was guilty of? It would suggest so considering he tried to flee the country with his mistress. He was only captured because the new wireless technology had been installed on the ship he and his mistress chose to sail in.

You can read the full story here.

Two sides of the “C” tale.

Welcome back Kylie!

It’s great to see her back, picking up the tour in Oz. I was there last year when she was diagnosed. It was literally a few days before she was due to perform. I saw a little of the concert footage and although she seemed to be taking things a little easy (as to be expected), I have to say she is looking utterly fantastic. If anything, healthier than she did before the diagnosis. Bono joined her on stage the following night for a duet, as U2 are touring Oz as well at the moment. Here’s a little taste…

Goodbye Belinda:

Former Home & Away star and wife of TV personality Rove McManus, Belinda Emmett lost her 8 year battle with cancer over the weekend. She was just 32 years old. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer at just 24! It seemed as though she beat it and was given the all clear in the late 90’s, but by 2001 the cancer had returned. This time to her spine. She was acting again and was in the Channel 7 hospital drama All Saints and had to put a halt to her acting career once again. I saw her on the TV last year at the Logie awards and she looked very frail then. I can’t believe she battled on for another 18 months.  She must have had an amazing fighting spirit.

R.I.P. Belinda

What Cancer Cannot Do:

It cannot take souls
It cannot take spirits
It cannot stop laughter
It cannot remove smiles
It cannot stop fun
It cannot remove warmth
It cannot stop love