I Tell Ya, It’s Political Correctness Gone Mad!

Oh my Lord! What is the world coming to when Santa’s can’t “Ho, ho, ho” any more?!

Australian Santa’s have been told to no longer “Ho, ho, ho”.
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When *IS* the right time?


I’ve just been reading an article on the BBC News web site about the argument for lowering the legal limit at which you can have an abortion from 24 weeks to 20 weeks. The Health Minister Dawn Primarolo argues that there is insufficient scientific evidence for lowering the limit on the basis that extremely premature babies have not increased their survival rates in recent years.

Surely that is not the point. Isn’t the point that at 24 weeks most medical professionals will do all they can to help a premature baby live? And if that’s the case, surely then at 24 weeks the medical profession believe that child to be at a more established human development?

Ms Primarolo also provided statistics which reveal that the vitality of babies born at 21 weeks is 0%, whilst the vitality of babies born at 23 weeks is 11%. Well what about the babies born at 24 weeks? It must be a higher figure? She also says that 89% of abortions take place before 13 weeks. So based on those figures why would you not feel compelled to lower the legal limit to 20 weeks, or even 21 weeks?

This seems ridiculous to me. In this day and age, women can know that they have conceived just DAYS after conception. Medical complications in pregnancies are detected earlier and earlier. I for one see no valid justification in keeping the legal limit at 24 weeks. That is almost 6 months into a pregnancy. It’s far too late.

I think somewhere like Western Australia have the right approach to abortion. The legal limit is set at 20 weeks. Abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy may only be performed if the foetus is likely to be born with severe medical problems – which must be confirmed by two independently appointed doctors.

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Photo supplied by Leo Reynolds under creative commons (some rights reserved).

Who The Hell Are “Family First”?


Looking around on the ‘net, I decided to go to some Australian news web sites to see what’s going on “Down Under”. Of course one issue that is taking up a lot of media coverage at the moment is the upcoming federal election on November 24th. As I was looking around the news.com.au web site, I saw the “vote-a-matic“…great name! This little questionnaire is meant to help the “swinging” or “marginal” undecided voter who to choose on election day. I decided to do it for a bit of fun, mostly in the hope that it wouldn’t show me up to be a right-leaning Neo-Nazi.

As you can see by the image, gladly the outcome was such. But it left me with the question, “Who the hell are Family First?” So here they are…Family First. Yes, I have a lot of time to kill, but it was a bit of fun, and I enjoyed seeing the result.

I am actually doing it…

…and staying at it!

I think this wordpress thing is so good. I made a pledge to myself on my “43 things” page that I’d become a better blogger. It started at my Yahoo 360* site. That improved my blogging proficiency, but I think once I moved to here that I really got going. I used to have a “blogger” account (it’s like a swear word now). I don’t understand why Google wanted it! I’m sorry, but WordPress poops all over blogger! Anyway, on blogger I’d make like about three entries in one week, then couldn’t be bothered to keep it going.

Then someone on 43 things contacted me about something. I noticed they had a Yahoo 360 account and so I went and had a look. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing at Yahoo 360 at first. I found it really confusing, but once I got the hang of how it worked, I began to blog regularly. It really started me on the blogging road. But I wanted more. I wanted more flexibility – and 360 just didn’t offer that. So Em suggested WordPress to me (which is odd as she hadn’t used it herself yet – and has only just started using it now). I looked, and although it also took a bit of getting used to, this is now my mainstay! I love the way you can structure a site on here. I love the idea of pages and posts and that you can have a static page, so it becomes very web site looking.

I’ve been hosting my own web sites for ages. But only this year have I realised with sites like this, you can just buy a domain name (rather affordably) and link it to a WordPress page, and it saves all the hassle involved in hosting a full web site, which is bloody time consuming!!


I now, as a regular blogger, feel deserving of my title as “Time Magazine – Person of the Year” 2006. It’s a great honour. So, thank you Time, for giving me this great honour. I am very humbled. I would like to thank my mum, Em, the cat…………………..

Thanks Guido!

Hooray for Guy Fawkes! I love the man! If it wasn’t for good old Guido, we wouldn’t really be enjoying fireworks this weekend! Only in England could what was a plot to BLOW UP the houses of parliament be CELEBRATED by letting off fireworks and having bonfires!!! Brilliant!

Our local fireworks display is on tonight. It’s usually quite a good display, and it’s free (always a good thing). I think we might go tonight, if not all the way to the park itself, at least somewhere closer so we can see the bigger crackers go off. Then tomorrow night we’ll go to the home of Big Brother UK, to Borehamwood for their fireworks display. We’ve been going there for the last 3-4 years now and it’s quite a good (& free) display.

I do get worried that fireworks are available to buy for the general public. I don’t think that is very safe. And I don’t understand why people want to waste their money on fireworks. Don’t get me wrong – I mean obviously by the subject of this post, I would expect it is obvious that I love fireworks, but I’d never buy them. Maybe a pack of sparklers, that would be it. But I don’t even buy them. I find sparklers WAY too dangerous. I just think buying fireworks are a waste of money to get for private use. I mean it’s like burning a £50 note. There are SO many professional displays put on around here, no one needs to buy fireworks really. But people do. More money than sense as far as I’m concerned.

I shouldn’t really say this, but we have done something INCREDIBLY daft lately. The weather has turned recently and we have been starting to get cold. We haven’t had any heating going to our central heating system. We were waiting for the estate agents plumber to come back from holiday so he could come and look at the central heating. Then this morning (after relying on other heat sources for the last 3 days), Em had a “eureka” moment and realised that what had been happening with the central heating was…


Em felt like a total prawn for not thinking of it earlier and I felt even worse because I didn’t even think of the thermostat AT ALL!!! If we had a brain cell between us, we’d be dangerous sometimes! lol

So, needless to say, we now have heat. How damn embarrassing would that have been if we’d not have twigged and the plumber had come and went ‘click’ and adjusted the thermostat. Talk about wanting a crack to open up in the ground to swallow us!!!

Great minds think alike – soul-mates don’t think at all!