Hog Roll (a hog gets rolled)

One hedgehog, pee’d off at the sight of another hedgehog comes along and nudges it and rolls the hog over – SEVERAL times! Amazing behaviour.

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Hog Cam Video

Footage from last night (Wed 8th June) of THREE hogs in the garden 🙂

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Hogs – Part 2.

Potential hog wars. The main part of the action happens off camera, but you can hear all the rummaging during the ‘scrap'(?).


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Photographic Proof!!!



I told you to stay tuned on hog developments. Photographic proof was requested (well, not proof as such, but pics were requested), but the last 48 hours have proved elusive for sighting Mr (or Ms) Hog.

Nothing in the box for the last 48 hours, but we had been putting food and drink out anyway. It had been taken on the previous night (food), so we were holding out hope the hoggy would return.

This morning we look in the box, and lo!!!