Odd Juxtaposing Day.

I feel very drained today. We ventured out yesterday. Got this free bus travel around the region and have hardly used it so far. We just went to Stevenage again. There’s a pet store there that I wanted to go to. It’s quite large and they have lots of small animals for sale. Bunnies, guinea pigs, chinchilla’s, gerbils, as well as degu’s. One of the gerbils looked just like our little Banjie, and he came up to the glass to say hello to me! Too cute. And me and Em were both going gaga over all the lovely CAVEY’S!

Anyway, we didn’t go there for the fluffy creatures, we went there to try and get some replacement equipment for the fish tank. There’s a split in the under-gravel filter and we need to get a new one. Of course they didn’t have one! But we were able to get a replacement glass scraper/cleaner and we bought two tubs of this stuff they are selling, which is kind of like a chewy version of Bonito tuna flakes/Kitty Kaviar. I was really hoping Chris would like it, ‘cos she goes MENTAL over the Kitty Kaviar, but she’s not keen. The texture is too heavy and chewy. It’s not light, dry and flaky like the Kitty Kaviar. She kept investigating it, went to eat it a couple of times, but then stopped. I just don’t think she likes the texture. BUM!

Anyway, while in Stevenage, we checked out Aldi and we got a little tray of mini Ritter Sport’s chocolates. Em got all dark chocs and marzipan, and I got all milk chocs with different centres.

And the local Tesco has an in-store Krispy Kreme counter, so I got my big Easter treat of a dozen original glazed doughnuts!!! YUM!

We went back to Hitchin for a while. We got some flower and vegetable seeds from the 9TP (where everything is 90p – hence the name. Cute pun!) shop. 15 packs of seeds for 90p! Then we got a couple of fruit tree/shrub/plants from another discount store. We got one blackberry and one blackcurrant for £2 each.

Anyway, on to today. As a result of yesterday’s adventures, I feel TRULY knackered. My legs started to hurt before we got home. By the time we were home, they’d died. My feet were aching like mad, and at that point, once I’ve rested, for next 36 hours, I find it incredibly uncomfortable to put any weight on my legs. They just ached and throbbed in bed all last night.

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. I didn’t want to put weight on my legs and feet. I stayed in bed until 11.30am, then I knew I had to get up. Luckily I did, as my “friends” had just arrived and left a spot on my underwear – GODDAMNIT!! Just to add insult to injury, they arrive!

So, it’s a lovely sunny day, Em’s just gone off to some allotment society thing at another allotment nearby to join and get some supplies. And two weird juxtaposing events are happening in England today. The Grand National and Jade’s funeral. At least it’s a lovely sunny day for both.

Today is a weird day…

Reyne Down Retribution!

I’d just got myself the best of Australian Crawl and I’d tweeted saying that I didn’t really understand some of the words to the songs because of singer James Reyne unusual singing style. He sings in a bizarre accent that makes it hard to decipher the songs lyrics sometimes.

It lead me to go off on a tangent. Firstly to check the spelling of his surname, then onto Wikipedia for some interesting facts about him (like he was born in Nigeria). It said that his son appeared in Neighbours. I clicked on his sons name to see what character in Neighbours he played, and when…when I was presented with this page…

Ooh, that's not nice!

Somebody out there obviously does NOT like Jaime Robbie Reyne. Naughty, naughty 🙂

Just in case you are having trouble reading it, under the description of the article it describes Jaime as an Australian “jerk, asshole, wanker”.

Under “Acting Career” it reads “Jaime is a shit actor”, and under “Music Career” it reads “Jaime is a shit musician”. Whoops!

The Passing of Jade.

Jade Goody died this morning after what was NOT a long battle with cervical cancer by any means. She had only been diagnosed in August of last year (if memory serves me).

For those of you reading my blog outside the UK, Jade came to national prominence from being on Big Brother in 2002. She didn’t win, she only came 3rd (I think), but she’d won over the nation. More as an object of ridicule really with statements like “I thought East Anglia was abroad?”, when in fact it’s a region of South East England. She also appeared naked on screen after many weeks in the house when she had gone from her slender size 10 when she entered, to a then size 16. She also appeared to have given a BJ to one of her fellow housemates PJ (yes, you can imagine the headlines surrounding that!). But somehow, despite all this, and the seeming ridicule she was viewed with, she won over the nations hearts.

She ended up in every other way but factually, the BB 2002 winner. She was in magazines, she started dating a TV presenter (and ended up with a much higher profile than even HE had), started to run her own beauty therapy centre, slimmed down and brought out a fitness DVD, had children and was constantly in the lime light. She became a celebrity in her own right.

As a result of this, she ended up in the celebrity edition of Big Brother in 2007. And then the tide of public adoration – which was now less as an object of ridicule as she’d actually seemed to be achieving things with her life – waned as she became embroiled in the racial slurring of fellow CBB housemate Shilpa Shetty. She was by no means the only person involved. She came under a lot of fire and to her credit she always answered to her critics and continuiously and strenuiously apologised for her behaviour in the house.

She was then seen somewhat as a media whore. I never really had anything against the girl and I don’t now but I must admit I was sceptical at how genuine her apologies for what happen in the CBB house were. I was sceptical whether she really was capable of understanding how potentially wrong her actions in the house were. I say potentially, because upon reflection her actions were a “storm in a tea cup” comapred to how other housemates behaved. But she copped the biggest villification.

She did all she could to rectifiy it and win over the nations hearts again, but the damage had been done. She’d lost favour. Lost curry – as it were.

Then last year, she had just entered the Indian Big Brother house when she was notified that a pap smear result from a test she’d taken the previous week was positive. She was advised to return to the UK as soon as possible.

It was revealed a few days later she’d been diagnosed with cervical cancer. There were a few stinging comments from some circles akin to “Good! Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.”. As much as I was resistant to the Goody “charms” for the most part, I didn’t wish the woman ill will. I certainly didn’t see her having cervical cancer as some disgusting vindication or retribution for her behaviour in the CBB house, as some malinged people had.

I’m sorry for her and her family that her life has been cut short. I feel for her two young sons in particular. But I cannot help but feel that some public sympathy is being over emphasised. People making absurd comments, for example Stephen Fry who tweeted comments like “I suppose she was a kind of Princess Diana from the wrong side of the tracks” – erm, as much as I love you Stephen – PARDON? Is Jade now forever going to be known as “the People’s Chav”? WTF?

It is a tragic end to a life, I grant you that one. She was only 27 after all. But I am going to refrain from any expression of actual remorse for her death as I didn’t know her and am not going to pretend I did. I feel pity for those people out there going “poor Jade”, like they knew her. I find that sickening.

My condolensces go to her nearest and dearest. She divided opinion in the end. She was selling on her story to make an income while she could to leave to her sons. I’m not sure if they’ll end up thanking her. I guess we’ll have to find out in several years time.

R.I.P. Jade. It was nice (not really) knowing you.

David Tennant Is *NOT* God??!

Well, this is shocking news! This person, despite appearances can’t be that much of a fan.


Signed, Angry of Luton! (that’s me by the way, not the person who shopped the photo)

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This.

Every night I go to bed, hoping that I’ll have a lovely dream about David Tennant. Most nights I’ll either have dreams, but not any of him, or no dreams (well, no remembered dreams – as we’re all meant to dream every night even if we don’t remember them) at all.


But last night was different. Man, did I end up having THE loveliest dream. Not only were me and Mr T together, but I think actually married. Well, in a long-term relationship at least. He’d just come home and asked me to come outside to the car, that he had something to show me. What was it? Only two little children he’d adopted for us?!!? A boy and a girl. The little boy was about 3 or 4 years old, and his sister, the little girl was roughly about 18 months old. They were absolutely adorable – and black -no problem as far as I’m concerned, but would’ve made it quite clear the kids were not biologically ours.


I spoke to the little boy, asking his name, while he alighted from the car. In the meantime David was taking the little girl out of her car seat. The last image I had before I woke up was of David walking back to the house with the little girl on his hip. OMG! I just woke up with the broadest smile on my face. It was the loveliest, loveliest dream. Even now I’m like “what the hell was that about?” and STILL catch myself smiling thinking about it. It was SSSOOO sweet!


I can only assume it must’ve resulted from a little Mr T overload. In recent days I’ve watched The Quatermass Experiment and some episodes of Doctor Who. The Doctor Who episodes always seem to spark my fantasies. Although I don’t know how they sparked such a far-fetched, but wonderfully dreamy scenario in my mind last night.


I finally got a copy of Recovery to watch now. Recovery was a one-off BBC drama with Mr T and Sarah Parish (who he worked with on Blackpool). He plays a man who’s had an accident and ends up in a coma. He awakens from the coma with head injuries that leave him slightly impaired and with a different personality to how he was. It’s pretty heavy stuff, and from the snippets I’ve seen he produces a wonderful performance. I can’t wait to view it proper.


Anyway, enough of Mr T dreams for now…


This was kind of what the it was like, that lasting image (except only a young boy and girl and the girl was smaller and black).

Ah, to sleep is to dream.

In my dreams! Lol

Baby David

I managed to get this the other night off the telly. Five were showing a “Before They Were Famous” program and it was promised during the opening we’d get to see Mr T in his now infamous Davina role in Rab C Nesbitt. Anyway, as the time came round for showing the clip, they showed this little gem beforehand!

Thank God we’ve got a PVR that has a 10 minute rewind, which meant I could quickly capture it onto DVD.


Update: Aug 24th

You wouldn’t believe the comments this clip is generating. No doubt all from women, all completely incensed that anyone should even REMOTELY ridicule their beloved David. It’s REALLY sad!

Who’s Who?


Mozzy gave Em an audio CD of a Doctor Who story read by Mr T. Thought I’d just have a quick listen, was intrigued if he’d read it in Scots or English. He reads it in Scots (ooh la la – although slightly flattened and not so Paisley) , but does the voices, so goes back to Estuary English for The Doctor and even tries to imitate Rose’s Eastend accent – very funny! Nice to hear the Scots drawl though, albeit a bit subdued.

He starts his run of Hamlet today at Stratford-upon-Avon, wonder how he’ll play that?