Favourite Music Artist – M (part 2)

There were two Oz acts I left off the list, as ‘M’ was getting a bit overcrowded (and I’d forgot about them until later in the evening after I’d added the post).

Mental As Anything.

Midnight Oil.

Oh, I agonised over my choice for Midnight Oil and I just couldn’t decide between these! All I know is that I wasn’t going to choose “Beds Are Burning”, not ‘cos I don’t like it, but because it’s the only song outside of Australia that Midnight Oil seem to be known for.

Oh, to think Peter Garrett was once cool and not a politician! Political yes, but not a politician. I suppose at least he is Environment Minister, but still…augh

Oh, the irony of this choice of song.

Favourite Music Artist – M

I actually do have several artists all vying for position, some a little embarrassing to admit to, but hey, why can’t I have eclectic taste?

So here goes…laugh if you will at some of the choices.

Madonna (I know – not so much the modern stuff – I hate that bloody “4 Minutes” thing with JT) pre 2001 really. I stopped liking her after the Music album.

Kylie Minogue (I know!)

George Michael (Yes!!!)

Morrissey. I love the man’s voice. There’s a melancholy to it that I love.

Manic Street Preachers.

Some Steven Patrick Morrissey for you to enjoy. This song speaks to me…

Favourite Music Artist – L

I love, love, love her…

k.d. Lang!

Also love John Lennon (I SSSOOO coulda gone Beatles for “B”) and Led Zep. But my heart belongs to k.d.

Favourite Music Artist – K

I think this’ll have to go to Kaiser Chiefs.

Instead of adding a Kaiser Chiefs song, I thought I’d add this. I saw it as it went out on air, and it tickled me, so thought I’d share it. (No, it isn’t the Kaiser Chiefs but Ricky Wilson is present)

Favourite Music Artist – J

I found this a really hard one to come up with someone. I’ll no doubt think of an act more worthy later on (like I did with C), but until such time, I’ll be an 80’s anorak and put…Howard Jones.

Favourite Music Artist – I

I’m going to “cheat” here, because I can’t separate out 3 acts.

Iggy Pop


INXS (til Michael Hutchence’s death)

Here’s Great Southern Land for all those expat Aussies out there…

Favourite Music Artist – H

An Oz act now – Hoodoo Gurus

I absolutely loved them in the 80’s. Probably one of my all-time favourite 80’s acts. Here’s a YouTube clip of one of my fave song of theirs.

Favourite Music Artist – G


Not so much the recent stuff, but the earlier stuff. My fave albums are the debut and Version 2.0 discs. I turned off them a bit with the later stuff. It wasn’t as “dark” and a bit too cheesy and poppy. They (I’m about to use an over-used metaphor here) seemed to “sell-out”.

Cherry Lips was the one that turned me off, but I didn’t listen to anything else after that, so maybe it was just one song that was off, I don’t know. My fave song of theirs: I’m Only Happy When It Rains.

Favourite Music Artist – F

Franz Ferdinand.

As soon as I heard them, I loved them. It’s a kind of retro sound, but I love it. Their kind of “art school” rock, which I like, harks back to New Wave stuff.

I played their 1st album at least 50 times, and the second probably just as much. My single favourite song, if I had to pin it down is this…

Not an official video clip, but it appears Franz didn’t do one for this song…