Dream Setlist – Part Five (final Part).

The final seven songs on my dream setlist, bringing it to its maximum of 28 songs. Jim, if you’re out there reading this (as if!)…April 21st, 2015, Cambridge. If you could do all these please? It doesn’t have to be in this chronological order. Do them however you like. LOVE YOU 🙂

Spaceface, Underneath The Ice, Different World (Taormina.me), Stars Will Lead The Way, Light Travels, Kill Or Cure, Spirited Away.


Song twenty two:


Song twenty three:


Song twenty four:


Song twenty five:


Song twenty six:

Complete with band fluff – and Jim swearing 😉 (sorry, we fucked up…it’s the first time we’ve played this song…I didn’t fuck up…for a change). God, I love you! Lol.


Song twenty seven:


Song twenty eight:

As you can see, they have got this song on the setlist – but Jim is leaving out lines in the second verse (that I LOVE, they are my favourite lines in the song – wish I could tell him – but I would never be that presumptuous) “that we could separate like stars / together since birth / no longer see things from afar / no longer walk on the same earth”. Maybe by April he’ll put them back in. I hope so. Otherwise, the song is perfect – and is one of my most favourite SM songs, and definitely my favourite on the Big Music album.

And that’s it. That’s my dream 28 song setlist.


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