Dream Setlist – Part Three

The next five on my Simple Minds dream setlist are:

Up On The Catwalk, Street Hassle (this is actually a cover of a Lou Reed song – but I only know their version), Oh Jungleland, Ghostdancing, Kick It In.


Song eleven:

An official video for a change! They haven’t done too many over the years…but this is a fave. Jim is HAWT in this vid (albeit a little heavily made-up!). But he is *always* hawt! This is *probably* my favourite Simple Minds song of them all, really. Have loved it for such a long time. Even when I was just a “fan”.


Song twelve:

One of my favourite live performances to watch. It’s a great version. Better than what is on the album IMHO, and Jim, as usual, is mesmerising and “can’t take your eyes away” watch-able. Maybe just me…


Song thirteen:


Song fourteen:

Jim now talks about being at Live Aid “in the wrong trousers” – says he looks like he’s off out “boating”. He never seems to mention the top though…which is hardly any better. Lol. Ah, the 80s, the decade fashion forgot!


Song fifteen:

I just love the structure of this song. Almost three songs in one. There’s not really a lot I like on the Street Fighting Years album. It’s probably my least favourite SM album. The song (like most of the album) is bombastic as f***, but I just really like the musical structure of this song…


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