Simple Minds: My Dream Setlist (in 5 parts)

On April 21st, 2015, I’ll be going to my very first Simple Minds concert.

As a little bit of background to this…

I have been a “fan” of SM from quite early on. My first abiding memory of them is seeing the Promised You A Miracle video back in 1982 and thinking what a thin, pasty looking guy Jim Kerr was. Lol. In 1985, I bought their much hailed Once Upon A time LP and quite enjoyed it. Time passes by. Other artists took a stronger hold of my musical development, etc, etc.

Forward to July 2014 and another attempt for me to REALLY get into the Simple Minds catalogue. It happens. BIG TIME. I am now a full dyed-in-the-wool, paid up member of the Simple Minds fan set.

So, as of today…(meaning the present period…not actually this very day), and with me using Jim Kerr’s posts on the Simple Minds Facebook page as inspiration (he has over the past several weeks been talking about the songs that would be/could be/should be on the tour setlist), I have devised my own DREAM SETLIST – full of all the songs I’d love to hear if I *alone* were allowed to dictate what was played come April 21st.

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