Never Let Me Down: Review

David Bowie album

Day two and it was the turn of Bowie’s 1987 offering Never Let Me Down. I’ve never been a big fan of the album (hence it’s low positioning on my reverse order list). I only ever used to listen to the first four tracks of the album. Because of that (and because they were singles), I can’t help still having a thing for Day-In Day-Out, Time Will Crawl and Never Let Me Down itself. Although the title track *IS* pretty embarrassing! I only ever used to listen to Beat Of Your Drum because it was stuck between Time Will Crawl and the title track. I haven’t listened to the album for at least 6 years though so found myself unfamiliar with it after all this time. It grated a little and I shouldn’t like the chorus, but my familiarity with th song was rekindled when the chorus started.

I feel dirty!

So let’s get to the rest of the album, with the exception of a few full listens in the past, is still rather alien to me.

Zeroes. NO. No, no, no, no! Just, no! It’s like trying to recapture the sound of Diamond Dogs (the song, not the album), with a bit of Ziggy blended in. It just DOESN’T work. It’s WAY too 80s phony.

Glass Spider. It SHOULD be good. I can see what he’s trying to do here. It’s conceptual, and a bit like what’s to come with tracks on Outside. I like the narrative but I can’t stand the kiddie-like chant of ‘gone, gone, the water’s all gone’. And just the fact it’s about SPIDERS! It sort of demeans it for me. Makes it less than it could have been.

Shining Star (Makin’ My Love). David, David, David. What was that?! No, seriously! What the f*ck WAS THAT? Hmmm??? I’m waiting…? Just never again, okay? Promise me. Never, EVER again?!!!

New York’s In Love. Must admit I was struggling to even stay awake through this one. And now having scanned through it again, is it any wonder. Such a throw away track. So badly mid/late 80s. No thank you.

I sort of came back round and sort of vaguely got something from ’87 And Cry (even though it is now obviously dated from its title). But maybe I was just in a good place being sleepy and relaxed.

Bang Bang. NO!!!!!!!! I was conscious enough for that! Bowie should NEVER be allowed to rework any of his co-written work with Iggy Pop, or cover one of Iggy’s songs! Whatever he touches, he shits on with Iggy. China Girl – Iggy’s has always been superior. Again with Sister Midnight (which Bowie reworked into Red Money on the Lodger album), just fuck off Bowie! Bang Bang is just the ‘piece de resistance’. Bowie’s version is just BEYOND inferior.

In summery, David says Never Let Me Down – I won’t David! But YOU let ME down with your 80s drivel! SHAME ON YOU! I think I will seriously alter my list to have this junk at the bottom. My expression was like I’d stepped in dog doodoo listening to so many of the songs on this. I’m lucky the wind didn’t change!