Hours…: Review

Hours... David Bowie

Okay. I’ve survived day one of Reverse Order Bowie in which my task was to listen to the aforementioned album (although granted it took me two nights to finish ‘Hours…’ as I found the first part of the album sooo boring (with the exception of one song), I fell asleep!

It has confirmed my utter distaste for the headline single Thursday’s Child. Still cannot STAND the thing! I also detest Seven as a track. It’s just all wrong! I surprised myself by liking a few.

I really like ‘If I’m Dreaming My Life’. I like his vocal on it and I find it sounds a little more like an Outside track. I like ‘Brilliant Adventure’ even though it sounds very much like a reworking of Moss Garden from “Heroes”. And I actually didn’t mind ‘The Dreamers’. And despite what I thought (or how I remembered how I felt about it previously), I actually didn’t mind ‘The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell’ either. Though that was my least favoured of the tracks I liked.

I just listened to the original UK release, not the deluxe pack or anything, so I include no bonus tracks here because I didn’t listen to any. So not a bad hit rate to find that I could endure 4 songs off it. Four out of ten isn’t bad…and is probably about where I’d rate it in a score out of ten actually.