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Whenever I feel down (which, mercifully doesn’t happen often) or whenever I doubt myself, (THAT happens MUCH more often!) I will read Jim’s reply to this post and pinch myself until I bleed (I wouldn’t actually do that…I’m just being a tad OTT! I’d pinch myself, DEFINITELY, just not until I actually bleed).

I still can’t believe it’s real. That he said something SSOO wonderful TO ME about my stuff. It’s just…there are not enough superlatives in the English language for it.

Beyond all the silly fawning fangirly stuff…beyond me finding him utterly beautiful…there is that artist appreciation. The wordsmith…the songwriter, giving ME praise for my art.

My “muse”, I suppose it can be deemed, loving what I do.

It leaves me dumbstruck…and almost blasé.

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I’m Sick…

Sick of feeling sorry for things I haven’t done.

Sick of feeling guilty for the actions of other people’s idiocy.

Sick of hearing other people talk of their voice not being heard, while at the same time ignoring mine.

Sick of walking on eggshells.

Sick of trying to read minds.

Sick of having a heart.

Sick of being a caring person.

Sick of trying to be as selfless as possible.

Just. Sick.

And tired.

For The Love Of God! – It’s LArelle, Okay??!

You know, it happened AGAIN the other day…

Someone came to mum’s door. A cold-calling chugger. I would have ignored him if I had known. Sorry, I know they have to try and get people donating, but I donate when I can – pressuring me to do so just makes the whole situation awkward.

But I digress.

He asked me my name – misheard it as Narelle…and I couldn’t be arsed to correct him. He then said “Oh my auntie’s name is Narelle (good for her!), but we call her Relle. Can I call you Relle?” Cheeky sod! Still, at least it meant he had my name HALF RIGHT. Lol

This has always, ALWAYS happened to me in this country. That’s why, for YEARS, I hated my name. Everyone got it wrong. Only once I moved to the UK could I start to appreciate my name. People get it right FIRST TIME there. Always!

In Australia, even if people saw my name written down and KNEW it wasn’t Narelle, they’d mispronounce it. Laurel…LAWrelle…you name it, I’ve had it. And don’t get me started with misspellings. Ok, when you’ve never seen it written down before, that’s understandable…but, come on!? Other than that reason, if you get my name wrong, you can SOD OFF!

Just saying.


A Sun C*** Burntory?

I’ve reached my threshold today. Today really *is* the day in which I’ve enough of this far-flung isle and want shot of it!

Yes, of course…it is aesthetically beautiful. But if Australia, as a whole nation, doesn’t show you need something more of substance than just outward beauty, then I don’t know what does! It’s like the “himbo” of the world to me. Honestly!  It’s pretty…maybe nice to have a fling or a flirt with. A temporary visit. A short stay. DON’T MARRY IT! Don’t commit for life! It’ll kill you in the end!

If the weather doesn’t get you, the insects will. Or the reptiles. F***ing jeepers, a koala would kill you if it could! Well, if it pisses on you, it can give you an STD! Or maybe that should a KPTD (koala piss transmitted disease). And of course, not just insects and reptiles…sealife, sharks, jellyfish, etc. So much venom in this place…

So, come on April…hurry up! Blighty calls! Temperate weather. Spiders you don’t have to kill for fear they’ll kill you. A sea you can dive into. Gardens you can look at without worrying a snake or spider is curled up somewhere ready to pounce. 

The United Kingdom has an aesthetic too. And I can’t wait to see it again :-))

And to think yesterday I was talking of extending my stay!! Lol. I’ve lost my cotton-picking-frigging mind!! (I’d do it for mum)

Thank You, David

I was not quite 15 when I first really began to be impacted upon by David Bowie. My love of music began very early. That is one joy of having older siblings. Early exposure to music. Oh, how I enjoyed it and still love many of the acts I clung onto as a very young child, from Suzi Quatro, to Sherbet and Skyhooks (yes, Skyhooks, aged 5! Lol. With their risqué approach!).

Bowie was certainly on the periphery (much like how, for many years, Simple Minds were for me) of my musical taste as a young child. My siblings never seemed fans (apart from my eldest brother…more of that to come!), so I would only ever hear him on the radio. And as I would primarily only hear him on radio, that glam image passed me by. He was not so much an alien to me, for all I heard was the music. Later, when my fandom DID break, he was more musical genius than otherworldly alien. I worshipped him all the same! Never sexually attracted to him personally, I could more than appreciate the aesthetic many others saw in him. He certainly looked extraordinary.

But it was music overall. Oh, the music. My first deep foray into his music must have been around 1985. My eldest brother, Roy (born in 1958 – yes, a big old age gap!), had a record collection that he was keeping in his car when he was moving house and his vinyl was getting warped. He asked mum if he could house them here temporarily. Mum said yes.

Roy lived with his father when I was younger, so I never even really got to know him until I was about 10. His musical tastes didn’t impact upon me until later. And it was my Bowie fandom I gained from him.

His vinyl collection had several Bowie albums. I first played Ziggy Stardust and fell for it right off! Diamond Dogs was in there too. And Low. Low was like nothing I had ever heard before. Roy’s copy was sssooo warped, I can still see it in my mind’s eye, with it’s massive bend at the edge of the record! I couldn’t play certain tracks! But I cared little, because all that I could play took so much of a hold of me – I was gripped!
I soon (very slowly I might add – money was scarce!) built up my own collection. I wanted to learn about him. I’d read newspaper articles. I’d study lyrics. I just tried to absorb myself in his world.
When the Glass Spider tour arrived in Australia in 1988, I *begged* for Roy to take me. He didn’t want to, and I was too scared to go alone. I don’t regret not going. In retrospect, it wouldn’t have been a tour I probably would have looked upon fondly – Never Let Me Down was not one of my favourite albums…but that is not really something I want to talk about today.

I want to talk about the loves. Building my collection. Playing his music EVERY DAY. EVERY DAY. If you know me now…and if you know how submerged I am in the Simple Minds fandom, then you’ll glean some idea as to how I was for many years in my Bowie fandom. It may have waned in recent years, and my Simple boys may have taken precedence at times…but my love for David himself remained undiminished.

I finally got to see him live in 2001 in Manchester. It was a small music festival, on par with the one I saw Simple Minds at at Hickstead in Sept. 2015. Except, the day of the Bowie gig, the heavens opened in the afternoon. Suede were on before him. They were wonderful. Brett Anderson kept us distracted from getting a drenching. But when “The Dame” arrived on the stage, the sun returned and a most memorable night ensued.

David Bowie has had such an extraordinary presence in the world. Such a talent. Such amazing songwriting. And so very, very loved by so many. Your light will burn brightly forever, Mr Jones.

Might Have To Come Back Here…

For ramblings, etc. Have let this slip by too much. Distracted by…erm…OTHER things! A New Year’s Resolution? WASH YOUR MOUTH OUT!! No…

But this site has been neglected for too long. Time to make amends, methinks. Esp. as I am here Down Under and sometimes have (a bit of) time to kill.

This’ll be “famous last words”! Lol. See you next year! Lol

I hope not…

21. Talk About A Time You Had To Turn Someone Down.

Yeah…well, it happens *ALL* the time! Lol. Not!

The one time I *did* have to do it…it wasn’t fun. I really, really liked the guy. He was best friend. I LOVED him! I just wasn’t IN LOVE with him. Man…it was horrible. I didn’t want to hurt him but I didn’t want him to feel lead on. 

Things got pretty bad. We had to stop being friends. 

It was a LOOOOONG time ago. We are now friends again. Have been for quite a long time. Even hung out together on one of my returns back to Australia. I saw him gigging at a pub in Sydney. Yeah, we are distant but good friends.

Life’s a funny thing.

20. Talk About Something That Happened In High School

I dropped out at 14. Years of bullying finally took its toll. I was SO young (before the education department’s legal minimum age you were allowed to leave school of your own accord), I had to get special permission to leave.

There are really not many regrets I have in my life…but letting the bullies win by being driven out of school and missing the education I so strongly craved (the ultimate irony to it all is, I WANTED TO BE THERE! I WANTED TO BE EDUCATED – the bullies didn’t!) is definitely number one.

19. Talk About Something That Happened In Middle School.

Well, I’m going to assume the equivalent of this in Australia is Primary school (attend from ages 8-11). I wasn’t there very often. I was bullied and as a consequence spent A LOT of time away from school. I have very hazy memories of primary school.

Ok. One of the ODDEST things to happen was me being awarded swimming proficiency certificates. Considering I was NEVER there…I have NO idea HOW this happened! Those who know me would know that there is NO WAY I was a proficient swimmer! Certainly not worthy of getting certificates. Something told me that a decision was made “up top” that I should get them, otherwise it would reflect bad on the school. That’s the only way I can see as to why I got them. It was VERY ood. I was as surprised as anyone to be receiving them. Lol.