Oh, My. He Did It – Again! 

I still have no words, really…

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I just have no words, really. I do them because I love it…doing something creative. I never thought I had it in me…but it’s all down to this app on my iPad Mini. And when there is time…a spare hour in the afternoon, when mum and I are having “down time”, that’s when I try to create one.

I can’t draw. I can’t paint. Well, I can paint by numbers! Lol. (I actually DO LOVE doing painting by numbers.) But I can recycle…augment…manipulate…and sometimes turn the lyrics into a visual interpretation.

I try to use a picture of Jim or the band time specific to the song (this picture of him was a screenshot from the 1984 Dortmund gig). I also try as much as possible not to use copyright images (hence the majority of pictures used are screengrabs from videos or live performances).

They take time. Learning my way…

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4 thoughts on “Oh, My. He Did It – Again! 

  1. I used to say “I can’t draw…even a straight line.” I found out, though, it’s possible to learn. Give it a try, and you might surprise yourself. 🙂

  2. Ya know I finally figured out what this reminds me of! (Not this one specifically, but the art pieces/digital collages you’re doing) it all makes me think of (and you’d be VERY good at it, I have a hunch!) altered books! ^_^ I love the idea of giving new interest and breathing new art into works. ^_^

    • Firstly…OMG!! Thank you!!! Thank you so, so much for giving me a name for my work!!! Digital collage! Kelly – you are awesome!! I have had no idea what to call them…and that is just beautiful and succinct and nothing I would ever have thought of. Thank you! (I’ve just been calling them “art thingys”.

      And…if I understand what you mean about the “altered books” art, I’d LOVE to give it a go :-))

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