For The Love Of God! – It’s LArelle, Okay??!

You know, it happened AGAIN the other day…

Someone came to mum’s door. A cold-calling chugger. I would have ignored him if I had known. Sorry, I know they have to try and get people donating, but I donate when I can – pressuring me to do so just makes the whole situation awkward.

But I digress.

He asked me my name – misheard it as Narelle…and I couldn’t be arsed to correct him. He then said “Oh my auntie’s name is Narelle (good for her!), but we call her Relle. Can I call you Relle?” Cheeky sod! Still, at least it meant he had my name HALF RIGHT. Lol

This has always, ALWAYS happened to me in this country. That’s why, for YEARS, I hated my name. Everyone got it wrong. Only once I moved to the UK could I start to appreciate my name. People get it right FIRST TIME there. Always!

In Australia, even if people saw my name written down and KNEW it wasn’t Narelle, they’d mispronounce it. Laurel…LAWrelle…you name it, I’ve had it. And don’t get me started with misspellings. Ok, when you’ve never seen it written down before, that’s understandable…but, come on!? Other than that reason, if you get my name wrong, you can SOD OFF!

Just saying.