A Sun C*** Burntory?

I’ve reached my threshold today. Today really *is* the day in which I’ve enough of this far-flung isle and want shot of it!

Yes, of course…it is aesthetically beautiful. But if Australia, as a whole nation, doesn’t show you need something more of substance than just outward beauty, then I don’t know what does! It’s like the “himbo” of the world to me. Honestly!  It’s pretty…maybe nice to have a fling or a flirt with. A temporary visit. A short stay. DON’T MARRY IT! Don’t commit for life! It’ll kill you in the end!

If the weather doesn’t get you, the insects will. Or the reptiles. F***ing jeepers, a koala would kill you if it could! Well, if it pisses on you, it can give you an STD! Or maybe that should a KPTD (koala piss transmitted disease). And of course, not just insects and reptiles…sealife, sharks, jellyfish, etc. So much venom in this place…

So, come on April…hurry up! Blighty calls! Temperate weather. Spiders you don’t have to kill for fear they’ll kill you. A sea you can dive into. Gardens you can look at without worrying a snake or spider is curled up somewhere ready to pounce. 

The United Kingdom has an aesthetic too. And I can’t wait to see it again :-))

And to think yesterday I was talking of extending my stay!! Lol. I’ve lost my cotton-picking-frigging mind!! (I’d do it for mum)