Why I Love…Life In Oils


Because it is one of the (if not THE) sexiest songs they’ve ever made.

Jim’s vocals…
Just…OMG…WHAAAAA??! All those sounds and moans and and heavy breathing and god knows what…just…
I don’t know what half the words are. It never got an official release until Silver Box…and it’s obviously a demo. Some lines I do know “Unhappy the land that has no heroes. No, unhappy the land that needs heroes.” (Later used in 20th Century Promised Land).
It’s fairly slow paced, and kind of speeds and slows, and I love that synth *ping*.
I love the odd chorus, though again, I’m not entirely sure what he’s singing (“shadow/hollow/???/take” – I think. Can never decipher that third word.). And the way he emphasises the word “LIFE” towards the end of the song is, again…just…
Musically, there’s a kind of sultriness to it. It sounds like it could be strip music to me. It’s wonderfully sensual. Then combine it with Jim’s sighing, moaning, panting vocals at the beginning and SERIOUSLY – my ovaries want to explode! *KERRPOW!* (that really should be “kepow” – but we are talking the effects of Jim Kerr’s singing on one – so why not play with the onomatopoeia? Lol
This one has been hard to write because, I just have no words for it, really.
I just love it because I find it as sexy as f***, and Jim’s voice on it just DOES THINGS TO ME!
Sorry I could not be more articulate but, there you go. Sometimes there are just no words.
And that (rather badly explained reason) is why I love Life In Oils :-))

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