13. Talk About The First Time You Had Sex

Well, I alluded to this quite a bit in a previous post (see here). I’m not sure I want to go into too much detail! I remember more of the lead up and…erm…foreplay…than the actual deed itself. I certainly remember being MORE THAN ready for it! I’m not even sure if I…erm…orgasmed or not. So long ago now! I probably thought I had. I know I definitely wanted to “do it” with the person I was with. It wasn’t done out of boredom, or a desire to finally just sleep with SOMEONE. So, yeah. It was highly anticipated but probably not everything I wanted it to be. Definitely from the point of view that I thought it would mean the guy involved would want to go out with me, surely! But no…he used me. And I kept letting him use me. We’d continue to have sex on and off (more off than on, to be honest!) for a few more months. Then I met my first serious boyfriend, so whatever kind of weird relationship(?) I thought I had with my “cherry popper” ended. 

 I’m surprised I lasted until I was 18! If an opportunity had come by earlier…I definitely would have lost my virginity A LOT younger than I did.

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