7. Talk About Your Biggest Insecurity

Not being financially independent. And I don’t mean being rich. And I don’t mean having my own money even. But it must be such a comforting feeling – if you have the wealth, to know that no matter what life will throw at you in future, you’ll have the funds to cope. I’ve NEVER had that feeling. Very few people have. I’ve never felt secure in employment. Anyone who does is dillusional. No job can give you THAT amount of security…unless you provide an essential service…but you are likely to be paid a pittance. Because we live in a world where someone’s ability to kick or throw a ball is deemed MUCH more important and therefore financially rewarding than someone’s ability to care for other people and/or save lives…

If I had to choose something else a bit less obvious – that I’m not intelligent enough. I’ve always wanted to be intelligent and I try to learn but I just retain facts (and not many facts at that). I’m not really bookish. I love novels. I don’t do so well reading for study. I wish I was far more academic. 

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