2. Talk About Your First Kiss

Well…is it the first EVER kiss I had with a member of the opposite sex that WASN’T a relative? Or, is it the first kiss I had from someone I had a DEEP crush on?

Meh…I’m feeling generous. I’ll give you both! The first one is a very short story anyway! His name was David. He was 5 years old, as was I (well, actually, I still might have only been 4 – yeah! I like, soooo started young! Lol). He had red hair and freckles, but I thought he was VERY cute. I had a swing set in my back garden and he came over to my place to play and we kissed by the swing set! So cute!

The first REAL kiss I had. The first very memorable kiss I had was from a guy I had been crushing on for YEARS! He shall remain nameless (to protect me as much as him!) but I’ll refer to him by his initals, B Mc. It was the middle of 1989, and I had been crushing on B Mc for 2 or 3 years by this time. I had tried to get him interested in me in the past. I knew his sister, so asked her for his phone number and called him a few times – heart pounding – never really knowing what to say. It never worked! Then, one night, I was babysitting for his sister. B Mc’s brother (and the brother of my friend…B Mc’s sister) was getting married, and B Mc had come back to his sister’s place to stay. He knew I was babysitting her kids for her, so he came over to my place as a ruse of pretending to check on the kids. They were all fine and asleep. I don’t really remember how it happened exactly but suddenly I found myself sitting on his lap and we snogged (or “pashed”, as we call it in Oz). For quite a time. And then, eventually…one thing led to another…and that night I lost my virginity. I was 18. Yes…I at least waited until I was an adult – well, I *say* waited. It wasn’t like that, really. I’d have done it YEARS before if a guy had wanted me! If B Mc had wanted me when I was first crushing on him – I would have then!

Nothing ever eventuated from my “dalliance” with B Mc. He just used me and spat me out. And sadly, I let him, for several months :-(( But then I met my first real boyfriend, so B Mc was loooong forgotten.

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  1. Where are these prompts from? *hugs* I hope you intentionally wrote the second one that way. 😉 *childish guttermind*

    ** sent from the subphone …bloop! **


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