Safe At Home

Let me set the scene…

Earlier this morning, I was woken from a dream in which Chrissy had escaped out the bathroom window. The window had been opened but the bathroom door not closed. Chris, always looking for adventure, was on the ledge as I got to the bathroom. I saw her tail go off the ledge! Despite my pleas of “CHRISSY!!! Nooo!!!”, she was off before I could intervene.

Well, fast forward several hours and it almost became a self-fulfilling prophecy!

It’s 10pm. I’m making my way upstairs to the bedroom to read for a bit before settling down for the night. I get to the landing and when I arrive I see the bathroom door open, AND the bathroom window, OPEN!



No need to panic, Chris is, amazingly, safe on the landing.


About 90 minutes before this, I could hear noises upstairs that I thought were coming from the bathroom. Sounds of Chris jumping up on to the bathroom window ledge but I dismissed it believing that if Em had opened that bathroom window, she’d have either closed it by now or had the door closed. I re-assured myself. And anyway, shortly after Chris was downstairs with us on the sofa.

I was STUNNED when I saw the window when I got upstairs! And that Chris was still in the house. A miracle!

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