The Best Prize I Have EVER Seen!

I ended up in hysterics after seeing this one. I thought “cute kitty. WTF?!!! ROTFLMAO!” when I realised EXACTLY what the imagery of the picture was!

Definitely one of the more interesting prizes (and Artfinder prints) I have ever come across.

I was crying with laughter for ages after. The first part of the competition spiel had me in particular hysterics – me thinking “Am I the ONLY one who can see this?!”

Click on the link HERE to see what I’m on about. Can you spot it?


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2 thoughts on “The Best Prize I Have EVER Seen!

  1. OMG hah! Love the Dame Edna glasses too!

    I love how oblivious/nonchalant the copy got it is.

    I mean it IS the natural position a cat take when focused on or when company’s over!

    I hope you win it, it’s awesome. ;* (ERK! Potty mouth!)

    (Also Appreciate your pun there. Wanted to make sure you know I saw that & giggled.)

    Back to bed for me. Was just up for a few to take some meds.

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