Foresquare’s For Squares!

Is that why they call it that? Actually, it isn’t REALLY for squares, it’s for really sad people who appear to be SO self-centered they think the rest of us CARE about where they are at any given time!

I, for one, think it’s dangerous. Espcially the aspect of broadcasting “Hey, I’m not at home right now burglars, go rob me!” ALL over the Internet. People tweet it, Facebook it, Linkdin it. It only takes one little slip to show your home address, post on Foresquare and voila! Burgled house.

WHY would I want to know “I’m (ie: you’re) at Tesco”?! Just, why??!

Sometimes I might share on Twitter that I’m going out, but I don’t say specifically when I’m going, the exact places I’ll be or for how long I’ll be gone. I share it as a general point of interest, not as a LOG!

I understand there are some elements of gameplay with Foresquare, like becoming mayor of a certain place. But really? Who wants to be mayor of Pizza Hut Milton Keynes?! Or Dollond and Aitchison Rickmansworth? Or kick out some sap who’d only just become mayor of Costcutters in Budleigh Salterton?

There are meant to be reviews as well but why not just use actual reviewing sites?

There you go, rant over. Normal service will resume.

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