Twitter #Fail

I am becoming truly disillusioned with Twitter. It just feels like it’s all full of hate at the moment. It’s starting to have that mob mentality that I really don’t like about social networks.

People REALLY think they can say what they like on there. Be blatantly rude to people, downright insulting actually. Then there are those that ENDLESSLY spoil other people’s enjoyment of TV programmes by giving away spoilers to them.

I used to enjoy participating in a hashtag tweetalong to the BBC Four, three in four weekly airings of, old Top of the Pops episodes, last year from 1976 and now this year from 1977. The programmes are 35 years old – I’m not really spoiling anyone’s viewing pleasure by tweeting about it.

Others don’t appear this mindful of other people and tweet about brand new episodes of things as they go to air (‘live’ as it were) assuming all others interested in seeing it are watching it there and then.

There are the spammers as well that can infiltrate your space whether your account is private or not. Even those with private accounts can be sent messages from people who are not following them. A stupid loophole really.

The endless bitching and hate gets to me. Just in recent days, the snide remarks over Whitney Houston’s death, a backlash of Adele’s success at the Grammy awards, people being millitantly anti Valentine’s Day (okay, we get you hate it! Stop going on about it!), and then tonight the return to Channel 4 of the series My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Yes let’s ‘laugh at those stupid pikey’s’ (NOT my words) shall we? What great fun it is.

Twitter used to be nice.

I’ve grown weary, and so, I may just spend some more time here in my own company. And those of you who stumble across this and read my blog are welcome 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Twitter #Fail

  1. “Even those with private accounts can be sent messages from people who are not following them.”

    huh. I don’t get these at all. I only get the occassional follow request from a spam account but mark them all. I actually have 3 open accounts and the one private.

    I dunno, I am very particular about who I follow. I’ll follow the chronic rt’ers on Facebook then unsub to links from them. life is too short for crap on these things. I only have ppl on my lists I give a crap about what they say.

    • It would be like a wasteland in my stream if I followed only the REALLY important people to me – I think it would be you, Janis and Em (a few others but they never use Twitter anyway). I’m not *so* bothered with the spammers, I’m just more bothered that some of my ‘kindred spirits’ don’t end up *so* kindred, or they have little annoyances that drive me batty. Perhaps I do too. Hey, no one’s perfect, right? I just need to take a break from it when I feel this way, I think.

      It’s all swings and roundabouts.

      • so true on all accounts. I’m pretty much on Twitter more now. FB has gotten so. Bleh. I do need to edit the twitter list again though. I’ve migrated all my pen-related feeds to the blog account so I just need to check that now. Only since I’m sick everywhere is a big “HEY LOOKIT ALL THE FUN STUFF HAPPENING YOU CAN’T GO TO!” there’s a big pen show in LA this weekend that EVERYONE is going to. 😦

        • That sucks.

          Mine is the sort of opposite at the moment. One of my nieces has had some really bad health ‘news’ (for want of a better description) and I SOOO want to be back home with her right now.

          I hope it’s not too long now before you’re feeling better. Mono’s not a quick thing to get over really {{{hugs}}}

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