Bee Nightmare.

It was that time of year again for another awfully realistic bee nightmare.

Again (as it usually is with my bee nightmares), I was in Australia with my mum.

One bee flew directly at me and ended up caught in the end corner of my right eye. I was in absolute hysteria! It got caught right at the point I was closing my eye, so it was wedged in my eyelid but hadn’t stung me yet. My mum kept saying to me “try and to open your eye! I need you to open your eye so I can try and get hold if it!

But I couldn’t open my eye. I was SO petrified that if I opened my eye, it would sting my eye ball.

At this point in the nightmare, as if I didn’t have enough to contend with, a second bee decided to fly into my right ear.

The combination of the two frightened me so much, that I woke up…

I woke up with the feeling of a bee caught in my eye and in my ear. It was absolutely awful. And just recounting it is giving me heart palpitations and making me want to be sick.

I’m NEVER going to get over my apiphobia.

4 thoughts on “Bee Nightmare.

    • I remember what happened with the wasp attack to you and your daughter. Thankfully I have NEVER been stung by a wasp, but have had many bee stings. Not in recent years though as I am FAR too panicked to let myself get that close (I have even run out into busy roads in my efforts to evade contact with bees).

      • I didn’t realize you’d already read about my encounter. Not pleasant. And of course, I’m sure you’ve had no shortage of people telling you that panicking is only likely to make things worse – and I’m sure it doesn’t help.

        • Yes. I don’t really CHOOSE to put myself in the line of oncoming traffic, but that’s what a phobia can do. It’s hard to be logical and calm with an irrational fear. Given the choice between a bee sting and being knocked down by a car, the irrationality let’s the car win. Silly I know, but that’s phobias for you. They make you behave irrationally. There’s no control over it.

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