Cream Egg Cup.


Forgot all about having this cup. Em found it languishing in the back of the cupboard.


Bio Drivel


I get all these Motivational-Speaking-Super-Mom-Marketing types following me which I just block straight away. But before blocking this one I had to take a copy of their bio – it is SUCH drivel (and badly worded English).

Hog Roll (a hog gets rolled)

One hedgehog, pee’d off at the sight of another hedgehog comes along and nudges it and rolls the hog over – SEVERAL times! Amazing behaviour.

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Fox Cam footage.

Footage from early this morning of a fox in the garden. Sharing the food with a cat, no less. S/he gets a little spooked by the cat towards the end which is a bit funny.

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Hog Cam Video

Footage from last night (Wed 8th June) of THREE hogs in the garden 🙂

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