Greedy, Fat Hog!

Hedgehog antics last night. I was watching a little hog roam about the garden from my bedroom window. Round and round he was going. Kitty (the neighbours cat) arrived at one point and I thought “uh-oh, don’t spoil it Kitty!”, but she didn’t. I’d been watching lil’ hog for about 15/20 mins when suddenly arrived one MASSIVE hog! He was around 3/4 times the size of lil’ hog! He was darting about the garden like a bull in china shop. Then he stumbled onto lil’ hog and started pushing him about!!! Poor lil’ hoggy!! 😦 Big hoggy went off after a minute and poor lil’ hoggy sat there scared. He’d just started moving about again when big hog came back for another push!
I lost sight of them just after that. I worried about poor lil’ hoggy all night.