Defaced Vicki!

I used to like to deface people’s faces on magazines but I’ve tried to grow out of it on recent years. Yesterday I got the Radio Times Christmas edition. I was reading the magazine today, making my holiday viewing choices. I was being very good, not defacing anyone, until I saw the picture below, then I couldn’t help myself and the marker was uncapped!


Sorry for the poor image quality, but you get the drift.


Home For Christmas? (I Wish!)

It’s been 11 years since I experienced a Christmas in Australia. I almost miss it. I used to ENVY the notion of a cold Northern hemisphere Christmas. It never felt right in the summer season. This year I really feel nostalgic for it! Carols by Candlelight – local ones and the one at the Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne shown on Christmas Eve.

And nothing says ‘New Year’ like the Sydney fireworks & the local bushfire season. Oh nostalgia! Stop tugging at my heart strings 😦

Here are a couple of songs adding to the nostalgic feeling.

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