Society’s Outcasts?

Just watching the news and they were showing Labour leader Ed Miliband visiting the Birmingham suburb of Dudley today. He went to a local ASDA supermarket and spoke to staff.

One lady said “The ones 4 or 5 houses down, they don’t work. They’ve never worked. They just have children and more children but they’re the ones that all wear designer clothes and manage to go on the holidays and everything else. Whereas we [ASDA staff] have to work really hard.”

Nobody on benefits BUYS designer clothes! If her ‘work shy’ neighbours are wearing designer clothes it’s one of three things. 1) They’re cheap ‘knock offs’ and NOT designer clothes 2) They’ve perhaps shoplifted the clothes 3) They are involved in some other sort of criminal activity.

Anyone who is allegedly claiming benefits, work shy, yet ‘well off’ is most likely involved in criminal activity because I for one have personal experience of living on benefits and you CANNOT afford these things.

Don’t tar us all with the same brush and certainly do NOT delude yourself that our life is in ANY WAY palatial!

The Call of The Wild?

Imagine if you will this scene:

Em and I have retired to bed. All is quiet…

Then without warning strange cat noises fill the air. Really disturbing growly meowing.

Chrissy is downstairs, standing by her ‘wriggly worm’ toy making said meowing noises. This goes on for several minutes.

On the rare occasion she’ll bring the toy upstairs – still making strange meowing noises as she does so. Most of the time though she just stops.

Why?… Why does she do this? She has done it for YEARS!!

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