Original Soundtracks 1

I watched a documentary on Brian Eno’s music collaborations on the television a few nights ago. The programme played selected tracks from these collaborations including the track Miss Sarajevo, which was to do with Eno’s collaboration with U2 as Passengers.

I bought the Miss Sarajevo single on release but I never bought the album. I never really took in how heavily involved the members of U2 were in the Passengers project. I thought there were other collaborators and the album was a mix of all of them. And although there ARE other collaborators, the album *IS* essentially U2 and Brian Eno.

Fifteen years on I have unearthed what feels like an ‘undiscovered’ U2 album.

It’s not the ‘usual’ U2 album of course, and the main collaborators are really Eno working with The Edge musically – but that is what has made it such a revelation to find after all these years.

I’m sssooo glad I watched that Eno doc now 🙂