Reverse Order Bowie…rekindled.

Around six weeks ago I started a little challenge I called ‘Reverse Order Bowie’. It was sparked from the desire to listen to all of David Bowie’s albums but doing something different than just doing a chronological list of the albums. So I came up with Reverse Order Bowie. A list that put my preferred Bowie albums from least to most favourite album. You’ll find the list above in the navigation bar, or just click here (you can also see reviews I have made of each album as I listen to them).

I don’t own EVERY Bowie studio album. I did at one stage, but two that I sold on I never kept a copy of. Thank you Spotify!

The first album on the list I no longer owned as I used Spotify to listen to it. I felt I needed to justify the positioning of each album on the list, so I started reviewing them.

About one week in life got in the way and I stopped listening/reviewing albums. I want to get back into it though, so I am starting tonight!

I’m up to Tonight (no pun intended).