Blog Import!

I also meant to say, so that the new site doesn’t look so sparce, I imported my Blogger posts to here.

I didn’t hold out much hope for a success but I think Posterous have done a mighty good job at it!

Hello Posterous!

I spent some of last night and some of this morning ‘tweaking’ my blog to just how I want it. I’m pretty happy with it now. Now all I have to do is have tpoics to post about! Lol

If I really try to write something, it’ll no doubt be about the inane stuff EVER but myabe I need to push myself to be creative.

Obviously you are always welcome to leave comments. I have even made it so no one has to sign in to Posterous, or Facebook (or whatever other login Posterous has) to leave comments, but comments WILL be moderated (a warning for you spammers out there – don’t waste yours or MY time).

So here I am using yet another blog site. Let’s see how we go 🙂


Back To Blogging?

Who knows…

I’m just playing around with the idea. It might just end up being about my daily TV viewing.

I’m getting it to import my old Blogger site…Dawkins knows if that’ll work. We’ll see. Anyway, I HAVE to go to bed.


Laters x

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