My Soya Life

After Em looking into it, and me getting totally exasperated by the constant burping, bloating and frequent heartburn, I was diagnosed (by Dr Read – ie: Em) as having a lactose intolerance.

I’ve now been on soya for about 2 weeks and I’m feeling MUCH better! I’m avoiding ALL dairy. There’s the odd little burping session and I only feel “bloated” when I’m full after my evening meal.

I’ve cut down on my sugar too and for the first time in my life, I’m only having ONE sugar in my tea! I knooow!! Lol

Those who know me well will know how incredible that is. Add to that not ONE square of chocolate passing my lips in that time either, I’m like a flipping born-again Christian!

I don’t completely exclude myself from naughty things. I have little pots of soya desserts and the odd small bag of lollies/sweets, so it’s all good.

I even have porridge with soya! Ooh!

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