Thankfulness (Just For Today)

As there’s still a little of Thanksgiving left and I didn’t do the Fun Monday thing, I just want to list the things I am thankful for – TODAY. Aside from all the obvious things (family, friends, etc) I just want to count these in.

I am thankful that I have enough hair that when I got a “trim” earlier today (with Wahl hair trimmers) that, having had a number 3 setting trimmer used on me, I still have hair on my head (be it only 0.5 cm long!).

I am also thankful that I am alive another day (I think)…

Although sort of already mentioned, I am thankful for having Em and Chrissy in my life. They both make my day, in differing ways.

I am thankful for all my other peeps in my life too…

I am thankful I live in the western world and that the most stressing aspect of my day was having my hair cut too short and having to make white sauce from scratch.

I am thankful that I can read. I love my books and I doubt I’d enjoy listening to audio books as much if I only had hearing to rely on.

I am thankful for my eyes…

I am thankful for all my techno gizmos too.

Lastly, one very indulgent future thank…

That Christmas is going to be a TRULY “David Tennant” Christmas. What, with two Doctor Who episodes over the holidays, Hamlet on TV, a guest appearance on the Catherine Tate Christmas Show, an appearance on Never Mind The Buzzcocks, an appearance on QI, and reading the Bedtime Story on CBeebies, not to mention the cinema release tomorrow of Glorious 39 and of St Trinian’s 2 (help me if I go and see it at the cinema!) a week before Xmas, I’ll be on DT OVERLOAD!

So thanks Mr Giving 🙂

3 thoughts on “Thankfulness (Just For Today)

  1. never apologise for something/one you’re passionate about ;)That’s expensive for a cut isn’t it, I don’t blame you doing the home version, Stu did mine last time with some help from me, back and sides he used clippers and I trimmed the top stuff (the result is the photo in my av)

  2. Sorry Wendy. You know me. Can’t help talking about the tall, sexy, skinny Scot somewhere along the line :-)Nah! It’s not cold having my hair this short. Beats it irritating me all the time anyway! I booked in to the hairdressers last Friday but wasn’t up to going and let Em go instead. I thought about re-booking, then remembered the price increases at my hairdressers (cuts have gone up from £15 – expensive enough – to £17!!) and had a rethink. At least the Wahl cut is free, LOL.

  3. OF course David Tennant had to creep in somewhere!! LOLGreat list, wow you got your hair cut that short, good on you. Isn’t it cold though? I got mine razor cut last week, it’s quite short but not a number 3, I like it, it beats dying in the heat under my mop!

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