Duck Tales (The Movie).


It’s just gone 2.45am and I have just been outside (around 30 mins ago) to see a duck in the middle of our street. Yes, that’s right, you read correctly – A DUCK!

Just after 2am I went to the toilet and on my return, thought I’d look out the bedroom window to see if I could see any hedgehogs in the garden. Couldn’t really see anything as the window was steamed up with condensation, so I wiped it, had a quick peek at the grass and saw nothing. I then did a quick sweep of the surroundings – the houses beyond, the street…

Talking to myself: “WHAT is that??? It looks like a bird…it CAN’T be, it’s 2.10am!!! But it bloody well is a bird.”

“Em…Em…I can see a bird on the road. It’s a duck! On the road…just sitting there!!”, I’m saying to her. She groggily gets up and has a look. “Yes, it does look like a duck.”

I said to her “Oh this is TOO good. I’ve GOT to see this”, and went outside for a better look.

He was just there, starting to get a bit spooked by our presence, waddling slowly away from us down the road. Em went back in to get some bread for him.

The sound of tawny owls were piercing the otherwise eerily quiet night. I wanted to stand there and listen to them, their call is so haunting and fantastic. I rarely get a treat like that for my efforts, so it was a lovely bonus.

Anyway, here’s a little video of “Donald”.

4 thoughts on “Duck Tales (The Movie).

  1. We were up for about an hour or so, but we didn’t keep watching him. I went back to bed about 3.30 and took a look out the window and he was gone. Not sure how he departed. Whether he flew off, or just waddled off. It was very surreal. Not sure why he was here. It was a mild night, quite misty. We are miles away from water, with the only ducks in Luton around the town centre where there’s a man-made lake. But that’s still about 3 miles from us. I know ducks can fly – obviously, but it’s still weird to see one this far from the town centre and especially at 2am in the morning!

  2. That’s crazy! He’s just hanging out in the middle of the road!Did he outlast you? I mean, did he leave before you did, or did he just hang out like that all night?Nuts.Probably the road was warm from the day’s sun? I know that’s how a lot of roadkill happens, racoons and opossums like to lay on the warm asphalt at night and don’t move fast enough when cars come.Wacky ducky!

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