Hogwatch Update.

Just had to add this pic. The other night there were two hogs in the box at feeding time. But now, tonight, there are THREEEEEEE!!!

Yes, three little hogs in the box – all vying for dog food!

WARNING: The following image may cause aCUTE sensory overload (boom boom)! LOL


6 thoughts on “Hogwatch Update.

  1. They sort of make heavy breathing noises, if that makes sense? Like you can hear them sniffing the air…I don’t think they really squeak or anything. They’re in the box again this morning (Monday morning). Two, possible three. Em doesn’t want to disturb them TOO much to count :-)The one thing I found amazing about them was when I picked the little one up the other night, just how soft and squidgy he felt under all those spikes! Underneath he felt like cat paws – very soft. You have to get yours hands right under them though cos OUCH those spikes are hard!

  2. They’re starting to stay overnight in the box now. We think mum (‘cos there is a large adult-sized hog that is about sometimes) and one of the babies stayed last night. There was a lot of activity with the big hog wandering around outside last night. Em puts the food out before dusk (around 5.30/6.00pm) and checks the box after sunset. She checked the box last night BEFORE sunset, and one lot of food had already been eaten! Piggy hogs!!! LOL

  3. That’s cool…so you’re more than likely going to have them keep coming back now they know there’s a food source there.

  4. I think they are about 4-5 inches long. The smallest is no longer than 4 inches. The one I picked up (which was probably the smallest one of them) was maybe 150/200 grams. They need to be 500 grams to be healthy enough for hibernation. They’ve still got some time to go before they hibernate, about another 6 weeks at least. The weather is still quite mild atm, so they have time to bulk up. They are already growing!

  5. LOL aCUTE sensory overload – very good! But oh aren’t they adorable!It must be so cool having them visit and giving them a helping hand before they hibernate! How big would you say they are?

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