Little Hog!


Here’s a pic of the little hedgehog we have currently visiting the garden. He is SSOO cute! I got to pick him up and look at him last night. Em came home from the supermarket, and as it was dark, didn’t really see him as she approached the door and nearly squashed him!

It was only the fact that she could feel his spikes that alerted her to his presence.

She just went out with a torch to check the hedgehog box we have outside. She’d put dog food in the box earlier this afternoon. Anyway, as she shone the torch down, he was there eating the dog food! She couldn’t resist taking a snap, and I had to have a peek too!!

He is VERY small. That is a VHS case next to him (some sense of scale of the size of him). I was able to hold him in one hand. He’s adorable!!!

3 thoughts on “Little Hog!

  1. Awwww I WANT ONE!!! How adorable! I hope you do get to fatten this little one up for hibernation, I never got to see any while I was over there but kept a keen eye open nonetheless! 🙂

  2. What? No wild hogs? He is wild. We’re not keeping him (I wish we were, but you’re not allowed unless you are licensed to care for them), just feeding him and keeping a hedgehog box outside. He was here again last night. Em checked the box and he was out there munching away on the dog food again. He’s a tiny little thing. We’re trying to help him fatten up before he hibernates in about 6/8 weeks time. Wildlife experts say if you have small hogs around, you can help to fatten them up for hibernation, as they need to weigh a minimum of 500gms (just over a pound) to be fit enough for hibernation. After holding him the other night, I know he’s nowhere NEAR that weight!I did get your emails and pics. I’m so glad you love your Kitty 🙂

  3. omfg i want him!!!!unfortunately all hedgies are are illegal in california. :(anypoo… did you get all my emails last week?

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