Weymouth Here We Come!

It’ll be just over 18 months since we’ve gone ANYWHERE, when we get to take a two night break to Weymouth. Weymouth is in Dorset, on England’s south coast. And as you can see by the image, not all English beaches are shingled, small and dull.


You could actually be forgiven in thinking that I just nicked another one of my nephews photos taken on the south coast of New South Wales – LOOK AT THAT BEACH FRONT! THAT, my friends, is in England!

And we are going there in around four weeks time! Squeeee! I’ve been wanting to go to Weymouth for YEARS. Every since I saw the beach on a holiday programme about 6-7 years ago. It’s absolutely beautiful looking.

There’s a bit of travel involved. We’ve got to get ourselves to London first, and from there take a train to Weymouth. But the train goes directly to the town centre, and the beach front is like 0.5 mile (approx. 1km) from the station. And where we are staying is in walking distance of both the station and the beach front.

Oh, I just CANNOT wait to go! I’m hoping the next four weeks just fly by and the weather we experience when there is good and we have a lovely time. It’s been SSSOOO long!!!

I shall take the camera and get plenty of snaps.

3 thoughts on “Weymouth Here We Come!

  1. 15? That’s winter evening temps here! LOL I guess after so long though it wouldn’t feel as bad to you would it? Regardless, I think it would be nice to get away…I’m craving it, though it’s starting to warm up so that’s when I’m least likely to travel (unless it was to Tassie or something)

  2. Well, we’ll be into the autumn so I’m not expecting the best of weather. Sometimes we get a bit of an Indian summer which can last into early October. We might have a mild spell. Average temps around this time will probably be about 15 degrees (although officially sites say TEN!). I’m hoping (obviously), but not holding my breath that’ll it’ll still be mild. Even if we just get one nice day (weather-wise) out of the three we’ll be happy 🙂

  3. Awesomeness! I bet it will fly by and before you know it you’ll be sunning yourselves on the beach! What’s the weather tipped to be like at that time of year?

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