Stoopid Fings!

Two little things that came to my attention today when I got my replacement Acer. The first one, FROM Acer’s guides…


Honestly! If you’re going to hold a laptop like that, you deserve to jam your fingers!

In case the writing’s a little small to read, it says “Please do not hold the Aspire one as shown, as this may injure your fingers when closing the cover.”

The other was this statement of the obvious – or is it?? Take note of the quotations…


Really? Oh, shitting hell! That was going to be my tea for tonight! But seeing as it “is” in quotes, can I eat it anyway? LOL



…and it feels so goooooood!

Remember that song from the 80’s? That’s how I feel at the moment. I have been reunited with my netbook by way of the arrival of my replacement purchase.

At long last, I feel as if things are TRULY back to normal.

It has been such a routine for the past 10 months for me to do MY thing on my netbook whilst Em sits at the Mac mini doing hers. Although the Mac is not replaced, we will be getting a replacement PC – sometime – when Em FINALLY makes up her mind on what she wants the spec of the machine to be!

Getting the spec right is becoming truly elusive. Hopefully by tomorrow she’ll be finally happy with her choice and start ordering parts.

We’ll see.

I’m just glad I got my netbook back!