Outage From Lightning

Sorry if this is looking funny or has typos. I’m using the email on my phone.

Today has been “black Friday” for us. There was a rumble of thunder and a bolt of lightning and then my netbook died. We thought initially that was it, but after an inspection it became apparent there were MORE casualties. We’ve lost the netbook, the Mac Mini, the cable modem, and the wireless router.

So we have no internet, I’ve lost my netbook, but we at least have a backup old style Mac tower.

Sky is now getting £17 a month for a Sky Player package I can’t watch. I’m back to having to listen to the cricket on the radio. Despite the weather we’ve had here, there has been play at Lords today.

Em has just gone off to catch the bus to in to her parents to contact our ISP re: loss of cable modem. I’m sure we won’t get anyone out here before Monday at the earliest. She just called me as I’m typing this to say she’d missed the bus. It never rains!

I’m sure we’ll be able to get it all back over time, but it’s not really something we need.

God damn weather!


3 thoughts on “Outage From Lightning

  1. We’re going to take the Mac to our local Apple store in the hope it can be repaired affordably. There is life in the Mac. It turns on, but the screen stays blank.I get your comment too Kelly, but accidently deleted it trying to clean up my posts. Sorry 😦

  2. Thanks Wendy. We should be back online in some way tomorrow. We’re getting a mobile broadband dongle that’ll give access untill we can get a new cable modem from our ISP. The whole network went down in Luton. It’s fixed now but our modem is screwed. I’m hoping then that I can get a replacement netbook by the end of the week. And we’ll have to get a new router too.

  3. Oh crap…what a hassle and a half! I hope you can get things sorted asap!! *sends gadget resurrection vibes* LOL

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