Photos From The Archives – A Day at Wild Britain – nr Bedford

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A beautiful butterfly in the butterfly house at Wild Britain. It was formerly known as Bedford Butterfly Park, but it wasn’t just butterflies!

Em and I took a visit there on August 31st, 2004. I remember it being a nice sunny day, but it wasn’t overly warm for a late summer’s day. But the butterfly house was stifling! What is it about flutties and humid conditions?

It was lovely seeing all exotic kinds of flutties. And there was a petting zoo there with pigs, goats, bunnies and other small animals.

One of my favourite sights of that day was seeing all the owl butterflies having a feast on the rotting fruit left out for them to gorge on. There were about 6 of them on the feeder.

I do love butterflies. It really *IS* an amazing aspect of nature that just a few months, even a few WEEKS earlier, a lovely butterfly would have been in a chrysalis, and before that would have been a caterpillar munching away on your cabbage leaves. They really are something to behold. I can’t believe there are people that are scared of them!

There are other photos from the day to view. You can see them by clicking the butterfly photo.

2 thoughts on “Photos From The Archives – A Day at Wild Britain – nr Bedford

  1. That is a lovely phrase. The lady who does Em’s electrolysis, Catherine, is PETRIFIED of butterflies. One time Em went for her appointment, Catherine was rigid with fear because a butterfly had flown into her treatment room. Em had to shoo it back out the window for her!

  2. Love the flutterby! I’m with you, they are truly beautiful and amazing. It reminds me of a quote I saw, something in relation to change (and how people often fight against it) and it said something along the lines of “if there was no change, there would be no butterflies”. It always struck a chord in me.

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