Knackered, Hot Chris 1


Knackered, Hot Chris 1
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As you know we are level three heatwave alert in the UK at the moment. This afternoon the temperature reached 30 degrees Celsius. Chrissy was splayed out on the bed in a mix of what looked like joy and lethargy.

Em took this shot around 6pm this evening.

2 thoughts on “Knackered, Hot Chris 1

  1. She was fine. She loves the hot heather actually. My cat that I had in Oz, Tiger, found it a lot harder to cope. But then there’s a lot more heat to cope with. I used to towel Tigs down with a wet flannel on the really hot days to try and help keep her cool.

  2. That’s the worst part of extreme temps, how it affects our furbabies, hope she is okay

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