Photos From The Archives – Cockington Green


Cockington Green, originally uploaded by Larelle_M_R.

I thought that when there’s not much doing and I’m looking for a topic to post on my blog, I’d pick a photo from Flickr (where this particular post is being written from) and talk about. Give a background behind the photo. What happened on the day, etc.

This photo was taken in April 2002 (can’t remember the specific date). Em and I had returned to Australia for a holiday. I’d been very ill leading up to our departure but I wasn’t going to be put off from going home. I had been diagnosed with a chest infection by my doctor here in the UK.

Once in Australia, I got progressively worse. I’d have coughing fits and wouldn’t be able to breathe. We’d been in Oz about 3 or 4 days when I had a coughing fit in my mum’s kitchen. I couldn’t breathe and then lost consciousness and passed out on her floor. When I came round it was apparent I needed to go to the doctors again.

I saw my mums doctor and he diagnosed Whooping Cough. It was confirmed with a blood test. I was given strong anti-biotics and was given asthma medication to help my breathing.

Towards the end of our stay, even though I was by no means 100% better, we decided to have a few days in Canberra and to take mum with us.

On our last day in Canberra we decided to go to Cockington Green, a model village based on a village in the UK called Cockington, near Torquay in Devon.

The picture is of myself and my mum leaving the entrance to the model village. I’m carrying a souvenir mug in the plastic bag. Mum is to the left of me.

It was a lovely little place and it was akin to being able to take my mum on a tour of England. It was really nice.

If anyone reading the post has any plans of visiting Canberra, I highly recommend going to Cockington Green.

Knackered, Hot Chris 1


Knackered, Hot Chris 1
Originally uploaded by Larelle_M_R

As you know we are level three heatwave alert in the UK at the moment. This afternoon the temperature reached 30 degrees Celsius. Chrissy was splayed out on the bed in a mix of what looked like joy and lethargy.

Em took this shot around 6pm this evening.