Mozzy Care.

Em’s mum, my mother-in-law, Rita (known to us all in the family as Mozzy) had a heart attack and was taken to hospital on Tuesday.

We visited her in hospital last night with Colin (Em’s brother). She was in good spirits. She was initially in ICU but was moved to the CCU 48 hours later. The hospital wants her to be transferred to a hospital in London to have an angiogram. They suspect she may have another heart attack.

She was happy to see us and was quite talkative. She’s a bit lonely there, I think. There’s not much to occupy her mind. She has a lady in the ward to talk to, and Gilly (Em’s dad) visits daily. She’s got a TV she can use, but has to pay for the service, which she isn’t keen on. I can’t blame her. At £3.50 a day, it’s not cheap! She hasn’t got a radio even, and she likes to listen to the radio. We’re going to take one into her, but at the moment, our next planned visit isn’t until Tuesday. I’m hoping maybe we can get in again before that though.

The hospital has been trying to get her to eat, but she says she has little appetite. She doesn’t like what they’ve been giving her. She’ll have a bit of breakfast. A bowl of cereal, but she doesn’t care for much else. She’s having to take loads of tablets as well and her asthma is still bad. She was coughing a bit last night. Mostly when we made her laugh, which made us all feel guilty.