Let’s Get Knitting!

My knitting supplies arrived yesterday and I started off straight away. I got a bit lost at first, then made a hash job at starting with the chenille (which is going to be a little flaky to deal with me thinks – a bit ambitious of me), so switched to starting the cotton yarn.

This is what I’ve done so far…just yesterday.


I didn’t really take in an aspect of what would happen until I thought about it after I’d ordered the supplies. Knitting + cat = curiosity and potential chaos!

This is the shot I took when Chris became over-curious with my knitting…


That was the result of her leaping onto the sofa as I took the photo and obscuring the lens! Thanks Chris!


It took me a while to get the hang of casting on. That was playing with my brain a bit. Then I realised I was doing it wrong! Once I managed a successful cast on, I started a stokinette stitch (1 row of knit, 1 row of purl), just to get me used to knitting again. About 14 rows in, I forgot what stitch to start the next row. I WAS on a purl row, but I was convinced I’d just finished a purl row, so I started another knit row and bodged it a bit, so decided to just change the side of the pattern and continue with knit/purl as I had done.

I’m going to try and make a scarf. Not even sure if I have enough yarn. It might end up being a cravat more than a scarf, we’ll see. I’m just pleased I got the hang of it relatively quickly again 🙂

2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Knitting!

  1. what you can do, is unravel it (i don’t knit, i tend to split the yarn from having too much tension on it, so I just crochet with a HUGE hook and this really lovely alpaca roving. Only the alpaca is REALLY EXPENSIVE so I just unravel the scarf when I’m done and re-crochet it differently) and start over narrower… I know that’s what I’ve had to do several times. i find that a narrower piece is easier to manage, for some reason.You’ve inspired me to pick my HUGE hook back up and work with this fancy slippery soft bamboo yarn I got on sale and with a coupon WAY before xmas. I’ll take a picture for you.BTW, I don’t really know how to crochet, I’ve shown people what I do, and they say that they have NO idea what stitches I’m doing are, but it turns out neat. 🙂 I made a couple kitty scarves too.

  2. haha I always have fun learning to knit again, I can only knit scarves but I do make some really trendy ones!

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