OMG – You DIRTY Girl!

I think I might have ringworm! I was thinking in my mind it was SO much worse than it is. Thank goodness it’s only another kind of fungal infection. I was thinking I had some kind of horrible lurgy.

I didn’t even know anything was wrong until Em was looking at me funny yesterday. She was looking at my left side and I was like “WHAT!!! What is it?!” She said, “you have a mark on your neck”. I was like “Have I? What’s it look like?” She said, “Like a red circle.” “Shit! Get me a mirror so I can have a look.” And sure enough, there was a red circle on the left side of my neck. “Great” I said, “I’ve probably got ringworm!”

I haven’t had it confirmed but I’m pretty sure it is. Here’s a pic of it.


Pretty, hah? Man, I’m a minger…

3 thoughts on “OMG – You DIRTY Girl!

  1. Ringworm that I’ve seen (years ago) I’m sure was more prominent than what you had anyway. You’re probably right that it’s just an intolerance or something. I don’t eat much in the way of wheat products but I’d hate to go without!

  2. I’m still not sure. It seemed to go away a little by itself. I bought some Canesten to take and apply anyway. I’m always getting the itchies. Think I have yeast intolerance, but can’t stay away from bread – I love it too much. I don’t eat mountains of the stuff, but I like to have 2 slices a day.I tried to change my diet to have as little yeast as possible. Staying away from wheat-based cereals, not having bread with yeast in it (nigh on impossible to find, and if you bake your own, it’s tasteless muck!), etc, but it was so flippin hard!!! I just fell off the wagon…

  3. So is it ringworm? I’ve never had it. I guess it would be easy to get rid of though. hugs, Wendy

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