Christmas-themed Shenanigans.

Having just written out the overseas Christmas cards to send off, I got Em to take a picture of me to update on my plurk page. Here are some of the photos that ensued!


This was the final one taken, and the one I chose.


This one made me LITERALLY pee myself when I saw it! I had to go up stairs and change my underwear! I just kept thinking “What do *I* look like? A Chinese man?!!! Buddha!”


This was a contender for the plurk page.


This one I look a bit startled. The red-eye reduction light is WELL bright!


This is obviously my “Christmas? Meh!” look! And bah humbug to me!! lol

Hope you enjoyed that embarrassing set!

Pre-Christmas Organizing and Stuff…

Just basic ramblings about stuff for today.

We put up most of the Christmas decorations last night. We’ve got a decorated artificial 5ft tree by the lounge room window and we’ve got a dinky little 3ft fibre optic tree at the bottom of the stairs on the other side of the lounge room. We’ve got a fibre optic Father Christmas by the TV and have a nativity scene, an advent Santa and a Santa snow-globe on the gas fire mantle, and a wreath on the door.

Over the weekend the fish tank needs a good cleanout. JUST in case we get guests over the festive period. Not likely, but it’ll be a nice pressie for the fishies to have a clean tank for Xmas anyway.

After that, I’ll have to clean out the freezer section of the fridge, to make sure we can house the goodies over the Xmas period.

On a separate note. I tried to get tickets for Hamlet today, as I’d heard there were some limited seats available from the box office for today’s performance. I lucked out sadly, but the guy on the phone said I should keep trying as some tickets do become available through the day. I will try again in a few weeks though, as I have to watch the pennies until the rent is paid.

Anyway, that’s about it for now. Catch ya later.