Six Things (Which Will Probably Be Crap)

Wendylisted her 6 things via Plurk earlier today, so thought I might give it a go. Even though I am TRULY crap at bringing up random, seldom known “facts” about myself. Here goes…


Six Things People Don’t Really Know About Me:


In high school I was awarded certificates for swimming when I didn’t even swim any heats, or actually DO any swimming.


I got Drew Barrymore’s autograph at Sydney Airport in the newsagents in the departure lounge on July 18th, 2005. I actually tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention! She signed her name in an autobiography on Waris Dirie. It was all I had to hand.


My Drew Barrymore autograph

I am, actually, surprisingly very good at retaining phone numbers to memory, just not my own! I’ve had a “new” mobile phone number for 14 months and have only just etched it to memory!


I am fascinated by Chinese culture and art and some of my favorite films are by Chinese director Zhang Yimou. My favourite Chinese actress is Ziyi Zhang and my favourite Chinese Actor is Chow Yun-Fat or “Happy New Year” as I call him due to the Cantonese New Year greeting “Gung Hay Fat Choy”. I also love reading auto/biographies by Chinese people like Adaline Yen Mah, Xinran, and To The Egde of The Sky by Anhua Gao – one of the most powerful books I’ve ever read.


I collect coffee mug as souvenirs. Whenever I go to a new town or place of interest, I try to buy a commemorative coffee mug of the place. If I can’t get a mug, I’ll buy a book mark. Last commemorative item I bought though was neither. It was a cloth bag from Lincoln Cathedral.


I am an avid studier of the history of the British monarchy. I particularly love the Tudor period of the monarchy.


There…a sad array of random facts.

4 thoughts on “Six Things (Which Will Probably Be Crap)

  1. I really don’t know myself – re: the swimming certificates. I had missed time at school through being bullied. It was the end of the year and there was a ceremony taking place in the assembly hall. They were giving out certificates for swimming/life saving and my name was called out to receive a certificate. I was flabbergasted. I still have the certificates (I got 2 or 3 in total) glued into my diary I was keeping at the time, at my mums house.

  2. Those are not sad at all, they’re very interesting! Now how did you manage to get awards without doing anything? hahaha you rock!

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