Where Are My Tits?

I’m a keen – never leave home – twitcher. It was partly what got me through my depression in 2006. Normally, through the year we get a range of varying types of birds visit the garden. Various types of tits, blackbirds, robins, dunnocks, sparrows, wood pigeons and collared doves, even the odd greenfinch. But the one bird we get with a dizzying degree of regularity is the goldfinch.

Until now.

As of this week, I don’t think I’ve seen ONE goldfinch for about three weeks. This is just unheard of. The only bird I HAVE seen in the last few days has been a robin. Not even the doves and pigeons are hanging about.


With winter coming on and us putting food out, I should be seeing MORE of them, not LESS of them!

As I type, I can hear Mr Robin chirping his pee-d off song. Will he be the only visitor today?

Stay tuned…


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