Hoots Man! Scottish Music.

It’s no secret I love my music. But it’s come to my attention recently that I do have a healthy love of music of bands and artists from Scotland. The size of this list might grow as I remember more acts, but at the moment I’ve got several acts to discuss.

It started off with Simple Minds. I don’t think I was aware RIGHT at the beginning about them being Scottish. And no – I was NEVER going to start this list with Bay City Rollers – are you kidding?! I remember seeing “Promised You A Miracle” way, way back in 1981 or whenever it was. But it wasn’t really until the mid 80’s when they had the bulk of their success that I got into them. I’ll be hard-pressed to name a favourite song, but if I can name five songs, I’ll manage that better:

Glittering Prize
Someone Somewhere in Summertime
Love Song
All The Things She Said

Next up is Eurythmics. Must add them due to Annie Lennox, even though Dave Stewart is a Geordie (from Newcastle). I loved them right from the time of Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This). I bought the Touch album and even had the remixed Touch Dance album. I’ve been playing these albums again recently, with my second favourite Eurythmics album, Revenge. I thought my top five for them was going to be a breeze, but because I love SO much of Touch, it might be harder than I expected.

Love Is A Stranger
No Fear, No Hate, No Pain, No Broken Hearts (off the Touch album)
Aqua (also off Touch)
It’s Alright (Baby’s Coming Back)
The Miracle Of Love

Next is Big Country. Oh my God! I loved them! I suppose they were sort of the 80’s equivalent of the Bay City Rollers, ‘cos they were just SO in-your-face Scottish! It was all check shirts (okay, not so Scottish, but on Scot guys check looks like tartan) and guitars that sound like bagpipes. I adored Big Country and thought Stuart Adamson (R.I.P) was a bit alright to boot. But I remember thinking it strange they had a black man in the band (I know!). Now for my fave five. Ooh, it’s hard. I had to go back through the Big Country catalogue. I haven’t heard any of their stuff for so long, I was worried I wouldn’t get to five, but here they are:

Look Away
Fields of Fire
East of Eden

The next are The Proclaimers. David Tennant’s favourite act. I never really bought any Proclaimers stuff, but you can’t help but love them. When I first saw them, I thought they were the epitome of Scottishness. Ginger, bespectacled, pasty. How could they only come 5th in a list of the “most Scottish” people?! But they make anthems. Everyone sings along to I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) and I’m On My Way. A top five isn’t really possible for me here (sorry Proclaimers fans), so a top three will have to suffice:

I’m On My Way
I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)
King Of The Road (or is that Rood?)

Another person I HAVE to mention, predominantly known for only one hit (but what a hit it was) is Edwyn Collins. Had to mention him for A Girl Like You. That was just EVERYWHERE in 1994. What a killer anthem it was. He hasn’t been in the best of health in recent years, and he deserves much praise.

Travis is next. I loved The Man Who. They have a kind of MOTR sound that I like. Soft harmonies and I love the tone of Fran Healy’s voice. I should really give them more attention than I have ‘cos they are great. An easy top five:

Writing To Reach You

Texas now. I remember I Don’t Want A Lover in 1989, but it was a bit of a one-hit wonder and they fell off my radar until the late 90’s. Then they seemed to have hit after hit for a few years. I loved the new, poppier direction their music went. Anyway, on to the top five:

Black-Eyed Boy
Summer Son
Inner Smile
Say What You Want

Okay, now we get to Franz Ferdinand. Probably one of my favourite acts of all time. Ooh, a top five is going to be SSSOOO hard as I love all their stuff SO much. I might even have to come and update this when the new album gets released early next year! Oh, they are just arty and rocky and indie and poppy. I love Alex Kapranos’s voice and he is quite easy on the eye to boot. Shame about poor Paul though! Those teeth! Here’s my top five (today):

The Dark of The Matinee
I’m Your Villain
What You Meant

That was so friggin’ hard, and I could’ve added more. I should have just added the album titles and have done with it!

Snow Patrol now. Mixed in that some members are Northern Irish, but they were formed in Scotland, so I’m sure Scots would claim them. I don’t really have a collection of their stuff, but I do love their music. I think they make fantastic modern-day power ballads. Here is my top five:

Chasing Cars
You’re All I Have
Spitting Games

Lastly, KT Tunstall. She’s a feisty little thing! Don’t really own her stuff, but love her stuff. There are not many female Scottish artists around, so it’s good she’s there. My top five:

Black Horse and The Cherry Tree
Under The Weather
Suddenly I See
Hold On
If Only

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I have just spent the last hour looking for a suitable new image for my plurk page that’s David Tennant themed. Well, more to the point, just trawling through images of DT to find one of him I wanted to use. I decided on what is probably my favourite picture of him.


This one. I love it so much because he’s wearing his trusty Abercrombie and Fitch hooded top. He has a brown cord coat on over that, and the A&F logo gets obscured by the brown cord coat to read “fit”, which I just LOVE. And he just looks immaculate in the shot. Groomed, clean, looking reflective. Just pure male hotness.


I have relapsed into being REALLY gone on him. I felt I’d pulled it back a little lately. Even though I was still watching DVDs of things with him in it, it was all stuff I’d not seen him in before, or things (in the case of the Quatermass Experiment) I hadn’t watch for years.


But after the latest dream, you know, of him bringing me home two adopted children(!?), I’ve just relapsed to him being in my thoughts all the time. Usually with this song (see end of post) swilling around in my head, accompanying my thoughts of him. I sssooo need help.


I haven’t done it until now, but I’m going to do it from now on and add to past ones as well, so you can avoid them if you desire. I’ll make a David Tennant label, so avoidance of DT posts can be possible.



Kylie Minogue – The One