Sh!t a Brick!

I’m in mourning. The BBC News has reported this morning that the new, highly anticipated U2 album, rumoured to be released in November, won’t be released until the New Year. Hellfire! I was SSSOOO looking forward to that. Now it seems all the new albums from artists I love are all coming out in 2009, goddamit!

That puts U2, Franz Ferdinand and Antony and The Johnson’s albums all into next year.

It doesn’t make a U2 tour kicking off in 2009 very plausible either. I only really have had two “before you die” events that I wanted to strike off in my life. One was seeing David Bowie live, which I did in 2002 at the Manchester Move music festival. The other is to see U2 live. Something which looks unlikely to happen until 2010 at the earliest now.

Sometimes being a music fan sucks!

Alien Autopsy and Sci-Fi.

I just watch the DVD of Alien Autopsy, the film with Ant and Dec in it. It wasn’t too bad. Not absolutely “laugh out loud” funny, but good to watch. Liked seeing the story behind it.


There was a repeat of the Quatermass Experiment on BBC Four last night. They seem to be repeating a lot of Mr. T’s acting back catalogue on BBC Four at the moment. I watched it when it was repeated in 2005 (it originally went out live while I was away in Oz in 2005) and it was one of the first things to be on TV when it broke DT would be the next Doctor. I think with it being sci-fi based as well, it generated interest to see how he’d be.


I’ve got other DVD’s to watch. The final parts of the first series of Medium, the first 3 episodes of series 3 of Doctor Who and Blades of Glory, which I’ve been wanting to see for ages.


Coincidentally, the new, 4th series of Medium starts tonight on BBC One. I’ve recorded it as I’d like to try and watch the rest of the other series’ first.


Another thing I’m really anticipating is the (long, long, LONG overdue) return of Ugly Betty!! Yay! I have missed Ugly Betty SSSOOO much! God damn friggin writer’s strike!!!


Had a bit of a financial crisis today. Don’t really want to go into detail, but things will be REALLY tight until the rent is paid this month. Bread and jam for the next 10 days, me thinks! We’ll be okay. Just wasn’t something we really needed to happen right now, but you know how things are.