Do They Have a “The” In Their Name?

If they do, then I probably like them!

It’s now Reading festival weekend, and the BBC are doing their regular coverage. Last night it was time for The Killers to headline. I still absolutely love them to bits, and it helps that Brandon Flowers is a bit morish! They did some new material. I think we were showed one song, but they wanted to be a bit protective of the rest. Not that it stops people with mobile phones and the like capturing footage.

I am SSOO loving The Ting Tings too at the moment. They were very good last night. Great sound for a two-piece group and far more melodic than The White Stripes (which they have been compared to).

Loving Editors too. I love the singers voice, nice and deep. A bit reminiscent of Ian Curtis (Joy Division) or the guy from Interpol.

It’s heavy metal themed today, so we have Metallica headlining. Not sure about that, but Tenacious D could be fun.

One thought on “Do They Have a “The” In Their Name?

  1. Tenacous D is always freaking hilarious. I saw them in Oklahoma several years ago. Totally laid back and funnyfunnyfunny. Total parody of a “real” rock concert. I’m not sure how much they’ve changed, however. Jack Black wasn’t quite so “famous” then.

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